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Cimarron Hills Personal Injury Attorney

The Injury and Recovery Law Center

The Injury and Recovery Law Center is committed to recovering the compensation that personal injury victims need to move forward with their lives. When an accident has caused a serious injury, the financial consequences can be extreme. Medical bills can mount quickly, especially if recovering from the injury requires the victim to take unpaid leave from work, resulting in lost wages. Many injuries may require long-term care including management of chronic pain or physical therapy. In some cases, an injury may even leave a victim more susceptible to similar injuries in the future. When all of these things happen to someone who was injured through the negligence of another, that person should not have to be subject to financial hardship for the rest of their life as a result. If you have been injured in an accident, the dedicated Cimarron Hills personal injury lawyers at The Injury and Recovery Law Center will work hard to prevent someone else’s negligence from becoming your financial burden. Regardless of the nature of the accident or the type of injury, the Injury and Recovery Law Center has the experience you need to protect your legal rights and financial security.

Traffic Accidents In Cimarron Hills

The Injury and Recovery Law Center has helped countless people who have been injured in car accidents or motorcycle crashes across the Front Range. In many cases, the victim is the driver or passenger of a car or motorcycle that has been involved in a crash through another driver’s negligence. In some cases, there may be an injury that is caused or exacerbated by a mechanical or structural defect in the victim’s own car. Whatever the cause of the car crash, you need an experienced car accident lawyer working for you.

Trucking Accidents In Cimarron Hills

With the size and weight of a semi-truck, commercial vehicle accidents can be catastrophic for people in smaller vehicles. Although the vast majority of commercial truck operators are highly skilled, conscientious drivers, there are still many people seriously injured and killed in commercial vehicle accidents. You can be sure that the trucking company’s insurance company has dedicated lawyers protecting their bottom line, and you need an equally dedicated Cimarron Hills commercial vehicle accident attorney protecting your rights.

Insurance Disputes In Cimarron Hills

When you have been in a serious traffic accident, you are counting on your insurance company to act in good faith, and pay for your medical bills and property damage. Unfortunately, with profits on the line, insurance companies sometimes minimize, delay or even deny claims outright. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, the attorneys at The Injury and Recovery Law Center will fight to protect your rights and your financial well-being.

Medical Malpractice In Cimarron Hills

Your doctor and other health care practitioners are people that you should be able to trust implicitly. Most doctors do their best to help their patients, but medicine depends a lot on judgment, and when a doctor uses poor judgment the result can, in some circumstances, be devastating. Patients who have been injured, or had an injury or illness aggravated by the poor judgment or other negligent behavior of any health care practitioner need expert legal representation from the veteran Cimarron Hills medical malpractice attorneys at The Injury and Recovery Law Center.

Injury Caused by Prescription Medication In Cimarron Hills

Whether an adult is prescribed a medication that causes serious side effects due to a conflict with another medication, or a child gets hold of a prescription due to the negligence of a caretaker or a defective child-proof cap, prescription medicines around the home can occasionally cause more harm than good. If you have had a bad drug interaction, or your child has gotten into a pill bottle that she shouldn’t have been able to, speak with a personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss your options.

Defective Products In Cimarron Hills

There are three primary causes of defective consumer product claims: defective design, defective manufacture, and failure to warn. Whether the product in question is food, a child’s toy, an automobile tire, or any other consumer product, the manufacturer has a legal obligation to use reasonable care in designing and manufacturing the product, and to warn consumers if a defect has been discovered.

Injury to Children In Cimarron Hills

In our society, we try to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This includes the elderly and the disabled, and especially children. Working with the legal issues surrounding injuries to children requires a different kind of dedication and sensitivity than injuries to adults. The Cimarron Hills child injury attorneys at The Injury and Recovery Law Center have worked with many families who have been touched by childhood injuries, and know how to work with the special situations involved in these cases.

Slip and Fall Injuries and Premises Liability In Cimarron Hills

Like manufacturers of consumer products, property owners have a duty to take reasonable care for the safety of people who are invited onto their property. This may mean repairing damage, cleaning spills, or keeping shelves in a condition such that items are not likely to fall off of them onto customers. Property owners who are negligent in maintaining their property may be liable for injuries sustained on their property.

Wrongful Death In Cimarron Hills

When a loved one has been taken away from your family by an accident, poor medical decisions, or some other form of negligence by someone else, that person can never be replaced. However, in many cases, a family’s tragedy may also leave them without financial provision. No family should have to fight financial hardship on top of emotional pain at this difficult time.

If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another person, speak with an experienced, dedicated Colorado personal injury attorney immediately. The Injury and Recovery Law Center has the experience, the skills, and the dedication you need to get the best possible outcome from your accident. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION contact the Injury and Recovery Law Center at 1(800)517-4439.




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