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Colorado Insurance Disputes

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Insurance disputes are becoming more common in today’s complex society. Arcane rules enforced by insurance companies combine with economic pressures to squeeze the most vulnerable members of the community, such as the sick, the elderly, workers who have been injured on the job, and property owners who have suffered damage or losses. Insurance disputes in Colorado are often grouped according to origin as follows:


  • Medical insurance disputes
  • Work-related injuries and workmen’s compensation
  • Property losses

In Colorado, insurance disputes and contested claims are on the rise as budget-tightening measures by insurance companies come face to face with shrinking household incomes. All too often, shortcuts lead to accidents and injuries that result in insurance claims. Colorado insurance companies have a financial incentive to deny or delay payment of claims, thus setting the stage for insurance disputes. An expert Colorado personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances of the dispute, explain the options, and help seek relief for a denied claim.


Medical Insurance Disputes

In Colorado, medical insurance claims are often disputed because medical care usually involves multiple healthcare providers and independent contractors, each responsible for a different part of the overall care provided to a given patient. As such, it can be difficult to determine responsibility. After being analyzed by Colorado legal professionals, denied claims can often be modified and resubmitted with more favorable results.


Work-Related Injuries & Workmen’s Compensation Programs

Injuries that occur in the Colorado workplace are a frequent source of insurance disputes. A worker who is injured is often burdened with proving that that the employer did not comply with safety regulations. After an accident an employer will sometimes make appropriate changes in corporate safety and security policies, yet the worker must show that he or she was using all available safety equipment at the time of the accident, in order to dispute an insurance denial.


Likewise, workmen’s compensation programs are necessary and valuable. Yet, like many government programs, workmen’s compensation programs suffer from rigid, hard-to-understand guidelines subject to wide variations at the personal discrimination of individual insurance caseworkers and investigators. A hasty, yet incorrect, decision by a government program administrator may leave an injured worker in difficult financial circumstances. As such, an injured Colorado worker or anyone else with an insurance dispute should consult with a Colorado personal injury attorney to learn about of their available legal options.


Property Losses

Claims after property losses resulting from floods, fires and other natural disasters are a frequent issue in insurance disputes. Sometimes the Colorado insurance dispute involves agreement about the amount of the loss. On other occasions, disputes may rise about exclusions from coverage. In all cases, the financial pressure resulting from the loss is an additional burden on an already-affected policyholder. A seasoned Colorado personal injury attorney works to document injuries and property losses and prove that the denied claim is in fact justified and should be paid.

If you or someone you know made an insurance claim that was later denied, or if you are involved in any sort of Colorado insurance dispute, please call a Colorado personal injury attorney immediately.


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