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Motorcycle Accidents

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While motorcycles offer power and agility, they fail to provide protection in case of an accident. Traditionally, young people ride motorcycles, yet because of an aging population and the economic pressures resulting from high fuel prices, motorcycles may appear to be an attractive solution to many people.


Motorcycle riding has increased in Colorado in recent years, and the median age of motorcycle riders has risen, resulting in a larger number of Colorado motorcycle accidents and ever-greater injuries to motorcyclists, drivers, and pedestrians. In response, top Colorado personal injury attorneys have successfully sought relief for those affected by motorcycle accidents.


Risk Factors for Motorcycle Accidents


Investigation of motorcycle accidents has shown that one or more of the following risk factors are usually implicated:

  • Young, reckless or unskilled motorcyclists and drivers
  • Unauthorized motorcycle riders and passengers
  • Bad weather or poor road conditions
  • Alcohol and drugs


Young, Reckless or Unskilled Colorado Motorcyclists & Drivers


Young drivers in general, including Colorado motorcyclists, suffer a higher number of accidents than do older, more experienced, and more cautious drivers. Unskilled or outright reckless vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders account for a disheartening number of Colorado motorcycle accidents every year.


Unauthorized Colorado Motorcycle Riders & Passengers


Motorcycles present a tempting target for wannabe-riders, especially for teenage boys with excitement in mind. The acceleration offered by motorcycles can lead amateurs to exceed their personal limits. A foolish teenager may allow or encourage a friend to “take a spin” on his new motorcycle, with disastrous results. In many cases, cars hit inexperienced motorcyclists who are operating under unsafe conditions. Likewise, simply adding a passenger may destabilize a motorcycle so that it fails to handle as expected, leading to a Colorado motorcycle accident.


Bad Weather or Poor Road Conditions


Wet or icy road surfaces and cloudy or dark conditions are blamed as factors in many Colorado motorcycle accidents. Two-wheeled vehicles become unstable in turns, and stopping time is increased. These factors may combine with the other noted risks and result in a crash.


Alcohol & Drugs


Alcohol and other drugs play a predictable role in motorcycle accidents. Sometimes a motorcycle accident results from a combination of an impaired vehicle driver colliding with a motorcycle operator, or vice versa. Since Colorado motorcycles are significantly less visible than cars, drunk or impaired drivers may hit them more frequently.


Personal injury attorneys have been instrumental in winning relief in cases for Colorado motorcyclists who have been injured. In cases where a motorcycle accident in Colorado may be a result of the poor judgment of an impaired driver, the first step is to seek advice from a Colorado personal injury attorney who can best assess the circumstances, discuss options, and help seek relief on behalf of those affected by the accident.


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