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Trucking Accidents

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In a society dependent upon transportation, trucking accidents occur regularly. Although federal transportation agencies work closely with Colorado state authorities and trucking companies to improve the safety of truck traffic on Colorado roadways, accidents are still too common. In most cases collisions involving trucks result in only minor fender-bender damages, yet the occasional serious accident focuses much public attention on the issue of accidents with trucks.

Causes of Truck Accidents

  • Driver error; inattention, alcohol or other drugs
  • Mechanical errors and equipment failures
  • Size, weight, poor visibility

Trucking accidents occur for a variety of reasons: Because trucks are so much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, the difference in agility and visibility means that smaller vehicles are at a disadvantage during an accident. In some cases, truck drivers on unfamiliar routes may err by failing to note local road hazards that are already well known to local drivers, thereby causing accidents. In other cases the size of the truck prevents the driver from seeing cars in the truck’s “blind zone.” Further, heavily loaded trucks or trucks with equipment problems are at a disadvantage on roads affected by poor weather conditions and poor visibility; slick road conditions increase braking time considerably.


As economic activity continues to grow, accidents between trucks and passenger vehicles are happening more often and are becoming more serious in nature. An accident between a truck and a car causes a disproportionate amount of damage to the smaller vehicle, and likewise, the risk of injury is much greater for passengers of the smaller vehicle. And, when a trucking accident happens, the cargo of the truck must be accounted for: Sometimes the cargo may be hazardous or dangerous in of itself, such as when tank trucks carry combustible fuels or dangerous chemicals. Concerns regarding the Colorado truck’s cargo can add an additional layer of danger and delay when aiding the passengers of a car involved in an Colorado accident with a truck.


Colorado trucking accidents often occur at night or under adverse weather conditions. In many cases, the truck driver may be exceeding the speed limit or may be breaking rules regarding equipment. Many truck accidents happen when the driver is unable to brake to avoid an obstacle. Truck drivers are generally well experienced and conscientious; the majority of drivers drive safely and defensively. However, there are rare exceptions. Dangerous truck drivers may be those who lack proper sleep, or those who cut corners regarding safety measures, or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


A thorough investigation is needed in order to assess the causes of the Colorado truck accident and to evaluate the resulting damages and injuries. This process of analyzing an accident and seeking relief requires expert help. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident with a truck, the best course of action is to immediately contact your Colorado personal injury attorney to discuss the options.


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